Kenneth Cheng 鄭子固 - 海港 (87) Harbour Music Production

Ringo Moya - Dansez Zaïre (82?) Tangent

Robert Carroll (Ifari) - Shadow of a dim light (??) Remar Productions

Esa - Esa (86) Atesa

Ranking Mandey ‎/ Hard Times, Conflict & War (84) International Sound Inc.

Antoinette Konan ‎/ Antoinette Konan (8?) Private

Zenit / Straight Ahead (86) Spray Records

Thomas Frempong / Aye Yi (8?) Asona Records

Filipe Mukenga / Movo Som (90) Valentim De Carvalho

Moon On The Water ‎/ Moon On The Water (85) Buscemi Record

Pazz / Bananafish (87) Sony

Jeje / Coole (83) Child of may

Ivan / Fotonovela “Instrumental” (84) Cbs

Peter Britto / I Want Your Love (98) Hometown Music

Fernando Falcao / Memoria das Aguas (81) Poitou

Charly Kingson / Born In Africa (78) Fleet Records

Malanga / Malanga II (89) LM Production

Alex Rosa / Same inc. Sistem (89) Henri Debs

Chinese Laundry - Playa President (Vinyl, LP) JW Productions

Yosui Inoue - Handsome boy (90) For Life

William Aura - Half Moon Bay (87) Higher Octave music

Larry Bright - New Dimentions (87) New Dimensions Productions

An end-of-summer travel guide mix 2017 -Japanese wamono, brazil and obscure world synth music-


In Japan is close to the end of summer, I have made “An end-of-summer travel guide” mix. This mix drifting around the world, including Japanese, Brazilian, and African. Please try listening to it if you like😉

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