Murat Ses - Automaton (90) Clou , Austria

トルコ系オーストリア人の鍵盤奏者で作曲家のMurat Sesの作品です。


本作はまさにその確立されたアナトリアミュージック☓エレクトロニクスのサウンドが楽しめる内容で、ポストハウスミュージック的な素晴らしいダンスミュージックとして聴きたい"Valle Marineris"などが収録されています。(収録曲はYoutubeの音源よりもっと長いです)


This is the greatest album of 90s by Murat Ses who is a Turkish-Austrian keyboardist and composer.
In the 70's he was releasing avant-garde psychedelic rock-like sounds, but later he also worked as an electronic musician, including this work.

In the early 90's, he established this worldview, sublimating the folk music of the Anatolian peninsula, where various ethnic groups came and went, into pop electronic music, influencing the Turkish music world, resulting in Billboard charting and many major music titles in recent years.

This album features the established sound of Anatolia Music Disco Electronics, including "Valle Marineris", which is a great “Post-house music". 

The cover is pretty cool that is reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire arts.

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