Dennis Mpale - Nothing But The Jam (97) Gallo Record Company , South Africa

60年代から南アフリカのケープジャズシーンを支え、Chris McGregorDudu Pukwanaらとグループも結成していたジャズトランペッターのソロ名義2作品のうちの一枚。


もう一つの"Paying My Bills"も持っていて、ホワイト盤でジャケットも無いLPのため、ポストハウスミュージックに掲載しようか迷ったのですがやめました。
そちらのLPはとんでもない値段になってしまいました… こっちはLPで再発したい。

 This is one of the two solo albums by Dennis Mpale, the jazz trumpeter who has been supporting the South African Cape jazz scene since the 1960s, and who also formed a group with Chris McGregor and Dudu Pukwana.

Both of these albums are of excellent quality, with adult jazz kwaito (South African house) throughout.

I have another LP, "Paying My Bills," which I was wondering if I should post in the Post House Music Disc Guide book, but decided not to, because it is a white LP with no jacket.

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