Soft Ware - Let Your Body Do The Talking (1983) Maxi , Mexico

メキシコのダンスミュージックレーベルPeerlessのサブレーベルMaxiよりリリースされたGreat disco!


Great disco released on Maxi, a sub-label of Mexican dance music label Peerless!

Both sides of the album have an interesting personality, with raw 70's boogie with synths added to make the sound thicker, rather than following disco mannerisms.
It seems to have been recorded in the U.S.. 
But like the 7" on Peerless, it seems to be only available on Mexican vinyl.
Maxi seems to distribute works by major disco groups such as Macho and Change, as well as some minor works like this one.

What makes this 12" unique is that both sides are just under 5 minutes in length compared to the 7", which is a 3 minute take, and still has an overwhelmingly thick sound. The prices are quite different as well...

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