Various - Soundcheck - Rock Across The Nation ! Big Hits Vol 1 (89) U.K. Soundcheck

ロックと書いてありますが、おすすめは3曲の女性ボーカルを起用したSynth soul。キュートなボーカルに南米風の切ないメロディーが個性的なChristine - "Inspiration"、女性コーラスにチープなDIYサウンドがたまらない"Dawn Strachan - Be Your Friend"、唯一の歌詞は"You"だけの"Cheryl Stuart - Hooked On You"、
他にメロウポップスな"Alberto Dal Pino - Once Again"もいいです。

Numerous UK compilation albums exist. There are many interesting songs that can only be heard there. This one is also a collection of artists who probably only released their records on this compilation.
Although it says "rock," we recommend the three Synth soul tracks featuring female vocals: "Inspiration" by Christine, which has cute vocals and a unique sad melody; "Dawn Strachan - Be Your Friend," which has a female chorus and an irresistible, cheap DIY sound, and "Cheryl Stuart - Hooked On You," which has the only lyric “You",
The mellow pop of "Alberto Dal Pino - Once Again" is also good.

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