Leigh Summers – Get Together (86) MINC , South Africa

キーボード、ギター、そしてリードボーカルも務めるLeigh Summersによるおそらく本作が唯一の作品です。
Paul SimonGracelandの参加で一躍人気となったベーシストBakithi Kumaloも参加しています。
"Get Together","Brighter Day"の2曲は元気になる南アフリカらしいシンセディスコ。

This is probably the only work by Leigh Summers, who also plays keyboards, guitar, and lead vocals. The band also features bassist Bakithi Kumalo, who became popular when he played on Paul Simon's Graceland.

"Get Together" and "Brighter Day" are two uplifting South African synth disco!

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