Edward Fisher - The Promise (85) Nentu Records , US

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レア・グルーヴの名作"Eddie Fisher & The Next One Hundred Years"をリリースし、後にこのアルバムの片鱗を見せるスーパーレアな"Fisher"が存在するソウル・ジャズマンEdward Fisher。名門レーベルStangより"Hot Lunch"もリリース
ジョージ・ベンソンのようなギターとスキャットがユニゾンするSpacey soul"Crusing"、Roy Ayersを彷彿とさせる浮遊感に満ちたサウンド"Colors"を始めとして、全ておすすめ。
ちなみにColorsはJames Ironheadとの共作で、彼はファンクDJに人気のジャズ・ファンク作品の7インチも存在します。(私も昔持ってました)

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Soul jazzman Edward Fisher released the rare groove classic "Eddie Fisher & The Next One Hundred Years" and later released the super rare "Fisher" that shows a glimpse of this album. "Hot Lunch" was also released on the prestigious Stang label.
After a long time, in 1985, he released this album, which is his masterpiece with the most obscure and DIY sound.
I recommend "Crusing," a spacey soul track with George Benson-like guitar and scat in unison, and "Colors," a floating sound reminiscent of Roy Ayers.
Colors" was co-written with James Ironhead, who also has a 7" of jazz-funk works that are popular among funk DJs (I used to have one).

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