Juan Antonio Labra - Soy Latino (89) RCA , Colombia

現在も現役のチリのサンチアゴ出身のシンガー、Juan Antonio Labra Illanesによる作品。

イチオシは、"Cuando Vienes"で、洗練された南米産Synth Boogie。スペイン語で歌われているのもポイントですね。後半の彼の裏声が入るブレイクダウンは、電子楽器メインで作られた冷たい印象のこの曲を熱くさせていて、ソウルを感じる意外とないタイプの曲。

It is by Juan Antonio Labra Illanes, a singer from Santiago, Chile, who is still active today.
This album seems to have been a hit and has been pressed not only in Chile but also in many other South American countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru. I have the Colombian version, but the US version doesn't seem to exist.

My favorite is "Cuando Vienes" a sophisticated South American Synth Boogie, sung in Spanish. The breakdown in the latter half of the song with his falsetto voice makes this cold, electronic instrumental track hotter and more soulful than expected.

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