Park Peters - Anonymously yours (82) Rainfall productions? , US

キーボード奏者のPark Petersによる自主制作の素晴らしい一枚。
Parkの悲哀に満ちた歌声もそのまんま超Sweetな"Melt Away"、インストのシンセボッサのような"For Mary Ann"、"The Silence of the One O'Clock Hour"、"For Two"等通して素晴らしい世界観。Jeff Bolligによるアートワークも壁に飾りたい!こんなアルバムなかなかない!

A wonderful album of (maybe) self-produced music by keyboardist Park Peters.

The album was produced in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., and features a home-recorded style of performance and truly meltingly sweet songs that are unique in the many music.
Park's voice is just as sweet as ever on "Melt Away," 
the instrumental synth bossa-like "For Mary Ann" , "The Silence of the One O'Clock Hour" and "For Two," 
all of which have a wonderful worldview. The artwork by Jeff Bollig should hang on your wall! You won't find another album like this one!

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