Chocolate Affaire - Fun Time (87) Chocolate Affaire , Barbados

一部で異様なほど価格が高騰していたバルバドス産パーティーチューン、ブリブリのベースやホイッスル、そして「Jump Jump Jump to Calypso!」のサビがフロアのための曲、Jump to Calypso(Version)がStill in demandな曲。海外ではちょっと落ち着いたと思うけど、日本でそんなにかかってないと思うのでかけ続けたい曲。

This is a party tune from Barbados that has had an unusually high price in some DJs of the world. 
With blistering bass, whistles, and "Jump Jump Jump to Calypso!" chorus, it is a song for the floor! I think this "Jump to Calypso (Version)” song is still in demand.

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Maira Gall