Bill Nelson - The Cote D'Azur E.P. (86) Cocteau Records , UK

イギリスのマルチアーティストBill Nelsonによる作品。1971年から自身の曲を録り始め、初期はジミヘンやグラムロック野影響を強く受けていたようですが、よりシンセを多用したポップ路線に移行、常に多重録音を行う宅録アーティストでもあります。

そんな彼が86年に出したこの5曲入りEPは、シンセがたゆたう不思議な曲"Familiar Spirit"、プリンスを思わせるメロディーラインが美しい"A Dream Fulfilled"を収録。

This EP by British multi-artist Bill Nelson, who began recording his own songs in 1971, and although he was strongly influenced by Jimi Hendrix and glam rock in his early years, he has shifted to a more synth-heavy pop line, and is also a home recording artist who always makes multiple recordings...!

Also, he released a techno-pop album in 1978, and had a series of sessions with YMO after that...!
This 5-track EP released in 1986, includes "Familiar Spirit," a mysterious song with shimmering synths, and "A Dream Fulfilled," a beautiful melody line reminiscent of Prince.

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