Karin - C'Est La Ouate (87) Prismatic Records S.A. , Spain

マイナーなアーティストを集め、統一感あるスリーブデザインが揃うユニークなスペインのレーベルPrismatic Records S.A.より。彼女はこの作品の後イタリアより一枚ユーロダンスなシングルをリリース。

From Prismatic Records S.A., a unique Spanish label with a collection of minor artists and a uniform sleeve design. 
After this album, she released one Eurodance single from Italy.
I guess this is her debut on this label. This was actually for free when I bought a record from a friend. 
It was a new discovery and encounter!!!
I'd like to collect more from this label, as they have some other good stuff.

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