Grupo Fandango, Grupo Afro-Sul - Liberdade, Igualdade, Identidade, Promoção, Participação (88) Selo Do Artista , Brazil

近年のMusic from Memoryのコンピに収録された作品を持つNey Santosや自身も素敵なソウル作品を出しているPaulo Roberto、今回ご紹介する曲のセルフカバーが最近コンピレーションに収録されたMaestro Marco Fariasらが集結した唯一のシングルです。
Grupo Afro-SulのMãe Pretaは、この時代に制作された想像がつかないような味のあるシンセソウルに仕上がっています。また、Grupo Fandango - Tatuemaはプリミティブなパーカッシブな演奏がスピリチュアルな仕上がり。

This is the only single that brings together Ney Santos, whose work has appeared on the recent "Music from Memory" compilation. Paulo Roberto who has some nice soul work of his own, and Maestro Marco Farias who self-cover of the song presented here recently appeared on a compilation.

Grupo Afro-Sul - Mãe Preta is a tasty synth-soul that I can't imagine being produced in this era. Also, Grupo Fandango - Tatuema is a spiritual finish with primitive percussive playing.

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