Fellini - Fellini Só Vive 2 Vezes (86) Baratos Afins , Brazil

The Durutti ColumnやベルギーのNew wave、Post punkに代表されるようなブラジル音楽としては非常に珍しい世界観で個人的にとてもツボな作品です。
Music from memoryのコンピ、UNEVEN PATHSに収録されてそうな(もちろんOUTRO TEMPOにも)かっこいい曲が入っています。

This is the 2nd album in 1984 by Fellini which is a Brazilian rock band based in sao Paulo .

It's Brazilian music but just like the sounds of e.g. the Durutti Column, New Wave in Belgium, and Post punk too..

I think this album's sounds that is Music from memory's compilation, UNEVEN PATHS seems to be included in the track (of course also OUTRO TEMPO) contains cool songs.

Also, the jacket is good too!

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Maira Gall