Kiri Uu - Kiri Uu (88) Esoterix, Australia

2017年にこの世を去った20世紀のエストニア音楽史を代表する作曲家、Veljo Tormisが残したエストニア民謡をルーツに持つ、Anni MeisterOlev Muskaがオーストラリアで結成した合唱団です。
そのVeljo Tormisの楽曲を再構築する形で作曲されたフォークロア巡礼のような作品。


This is a choir formed by Anni Meister and Olev Muska in Australia, whose roots are the Estonian folk songs by composer Veljo Tormis, who represents the 20th century Estonian music history, also, Veljo Tormis has passed away in 2017.

This holy grail like folklore music composed in the form of reconstructing the music of Veljo Tormis.

I thinked that is vinyl of only chorus, but it seems that is communicating with the cosmic, mixing songs with minimal synths.

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