Anne Nachtrieb - 3000 Feet Above (79) Wink Records , Canada

カナダのフォークギタリストでありボーカリストのAnne Nachtriebによる作品。バンクーバー録音。
通して素晴らしいが、"We Never Had The Love"はDJでも使っていて、中盤のサックスパートからエンディングにかけてまさに上空3000フィートへ登っていく情景が表現されている。高揚感と涙なしには聴けない超名曲。
Donn Tarrisによるジャケットもかわいい。

This album by Canadian folk guitarist and vocalist Anne Nachtrieb. Recorded in Vancouver.
In fact, many musicians were involved in the production of this work.

The entire song is wonderful, but "We Never Had The Love" is also I using for the dance floor, and from the saxophone part in the middle to the ending, it is a scene of climbing up to 3000 feet above the ground. 

This song is a masterpiece that cannot be listened to without elation and tears. Cute cover by Donn Tarris.

I've included it in my mix that on NTS, check it out starting at about the 25 minute mark!

There is another piece that looked like hers, Not on Discogs.

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