Various - Obscure Independent Classics: Volume 4 (Special Japanese Edition) (87) Cordelia Records , UK

作曲家のAlan Jenkinsが持つ複数のレーベルのうちの一つCordelia RecordsのサブレーベルObscure Independent Classicsでリリースされたシリーズもの。このシリーズの他の作品にRick Cuevas - Symbolismの曲も収録されたりしています。

こちらは、80年代からS-CORE名義で世界で活動するYutaka TanakaさんがコンパイルしたS-Coreも含めたArt RockやExperimentalな日本人の作品が多数収録されています。
お気に入りは、ダサいけど癖になる"Dance"や"Oh Year"のサンプリングな声が堪らないThe Bien - "Huge Box"、ベルリンの音楽カルチャーの発信源の一つ、unkompress に提供したミックスに入れた Iris Underground - "Acryl Baby"等。
ちなみにS-Coreの曲は危険なIndustrial music。

This series was released on Obscure Independent Classics, a sub-label of Cordelia Records, one of several labels owned by composer Alan Jenkins. Other works in this series include songs by Rick Cuevas - Symbolism.

This one contains many Art Rock and Experimental Japanese works, including S-Core compiled by Yutaka Tanaka, who has been active worldwide under the name S-CORE since the 80s.
Some of my favorites are "Dance," which is nostalgic but addictive, "Huge Box" by The Bien, whose sampled voice on "Oh Yeah" is irresistible, and "Acryl Baby" by Iris Underground, which I included in a mix I made for unkompress, one of the sources of Berlin's music culture. 
By the way, S-Core's music is dangerous industrial music.

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