Deep & Devastating Presents Coloursex - Dirty Mind Volume 1 (92) Eight Records , UK

UKのリバプールを拠点としたレーベルEight Recordsに吹き込まれた一枚。レーベルのメンバーは"G-Love "と言われるナイトクラブでレジデントを務めていたらしい。

詳細不明のDeep & Devastating Presents Coloursexという名義で吹き込まれたこのEPは1曲、狂ったようなムーグシンセサイザーから始まり、クロスオーバーなリズムにネオアコのような爽やかなボーカルが特徴的な一曲、一足早いDisco Dubとも言える"Hope Street"が白眉。

This one was blown up by the UK Liverpool-based label Eight Records. Members of the label were apparently residents at a nightclub known as "G-Love."

The EP, which was recorded under the name Deep & Devastating Presents Coloursex (details unknown), begins with one track, "Hope Street," which begins with a crazy Moog synthesizer and features a crossover rhythm and refreshing neo-acoustic vocals. I maybe think that is an early example of Disco Dub...


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