Various - Todos Cogen Golpe Con Chawala (94) Rey Records , Colombia



いかにもチャンペタな"Hernan Hernandez - Coge Golpe"も楽しいですが、おすすめはハウス仕立ての"Milton Mendoza - El Caramelo"。Kwaito好きにもぜひ。後半のまさにデスペルケの部分は踊りたくなりますね!

A compilation of Champeta, a category that originated in Colombia, with elements of period dance-pop and house.
The song structure of Champeta is divided into intro - chorus - “Despeluque", and “Despeluque" also means "disheveled hair" which is very dance music.

They actually play the champeta and dance like dancers, often in a battle style.
It seems to mix elements of many kinds of music, such as African soukous, reggae, and salsa, giving it a joyful, upbeat feel.

The "Hernan Hernandez - Coge Golpe" is a fun tune, but I recommend "Milton Mendoza - El Caramelo," which is a house tune and is also a must for Kwaito lovers. The latter half of the song is a real “Despeluque" and makes you want to dance!

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Maira Gall