The Aris Thomas Project - Επίθεση Από Τον Άρη (93) Minos , Greece

ギリシャ系アメリカ人、Aris Thomas(Άρης Τόμας)による作品で、ほぼデビューしたてであろう時期にリリースしたと思われます。


This is an album by Aris Thomas (Άρης Τόμας), a Greek-American singer who seems to have just released his debut album.
He was born in New Jersey, but his works were released in Greece, where he is considered to be the first popular rap singer.

This album is of the Eurodance style, which was also popular in Japan at the time, and contains house music for rapping.
I recommend the track "Έλα," which features the sound of live stringed instruments used in the traditional Greek music of Lebetika, a bewitching melody, piercing kicks, and acid bass-like synthesizers.


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