Vincent Arthur & Dagomba - Esi Vivian (86) Piliviar Records , Germany

70年代にも作品を出していたガーナ出身のVincent Arthurが10年後に当時の西ドイツでリリースした娘さんへ捧げた作品。60年代はアフリカ全土を旅して、リベリアにてパーカッショニストとして活動、曽於後N.Y.に移りRon CarterやRay Barettoからも音楽を教わり70年代にはヨーロッパへ。
2年前あたり突如SNSでシェアされ、聴かないまま2年が経過。重い腰を上げてしっかり聴いてみたら、あら!かっこいいじゃないですか!な熱いブギー"Travel With The Music"を収録した一枚。年代的にはより生バンドに近い演奏で、70年代の後半のモダンソウル〜ファンクが好きな方にもオススメ。後半の熱くブロウするトランペットがめちゃくちゃかっこいいです!


Vincent Arthur, a Ghanaian musician who also released works in the 70's, dedicated this work to his daughter, which was released 10 years later in West Germany. In the 70's, he moved to Europe after learning music from Ron Carter and Ray Baretto.

About two years ago, this LP was suddenly shared on SNS, but I hadn't listened to it...but when I got up the courage to listen to it, I found it was really cool! It's so cool! 

This is the album that contains the hot boogie "Travel With The Music". The performance is closer to that of a live band in terms of age, and is recommended for those who like modern soul and funk of the late 70s. The hot blowing trumpet in the second half is really cool!

The 7" modern soul DJs will love the slo-mo soul of "Jubilation". There seems to be a few dead stocks available recently.

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