Musical Keyboard System - New Synthetic World (89) Not On Label , France


ポスト・ハウスミュージック ディスクガイド 掲載盤なのですが、白黒ページかつこの色合のジャケなので皆さんスルーしてるかも!?と思い、投稿です。

おそらくNicolas Aubardなる人物の宅録作品。プロデューサーとしてEmmanuel Prevostという人物の名前が記載されています。


It was published in the Post House Music Disc Guide, but since it's on a black and white page and has this color scheme on the cover, you might have missed it! So I thought I'd post it here.

It's maybe DIY recording(!?) by Nicolas Aubard. The name Emmanuel Prevost is listed as the producer.

It was recently reissued as a 5song EP, but all 10 tracks on this LP are very awesome, so I highly recommend listening to the original album. The first song in the sample below is "Promenade", which is not on the EP, and I uploaded it here.


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