4am - 4am (90) Flow Records , UK

89年に結成されたSteve KirbyとKevin Finchなる2人組が、プライベートプレスで制作した全曲最高のFreestyle Proto house-Modern soul LP!
7inch再発もされたPassion、The man i feelや、So many timesを始めズラリとAOR的な爽やかなボーカルと作り込まれたDX7を始めとするシンセサウンドが絡み合う素晴らしい世界観を持つ作品!

It's formed in 1989, the Steve Kirby and Kevin Finch duo released a private pressing of their stunning freestyle ~ proto-house ~ modern soul LP.
The album has a wonderful world view with a variety of AOR-like vocals and synth sounds, including Passion, which was also reissued on 7inch, "The man i feel" and "So many times"
Reissued in 2019, but the originals are scarce at 300 copies and i think it will remain the same in value.

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