Robert Blackman - Peace Is Alive (??) Riverwinds , US

60年代からミュージシャンであり書籍の作家でもあるRobert Blackmanによるシングル。
The Grateful DeadのメンバーでもあったJerry Garciaと彼らともセッションしていたMichael Pluznickらがアレンジで参加しています。
まさにSpiritual Synth Soulとも呼べる素晴らしい一枚。

Spiritual Synth Soul 12" by Robert Blackman who is a musician and book author from the 60s.
Jerry Garcia, who was a member of The Grateful Dead, and Michael Pluznick, who also played with them, contributed to the arrangement.

The Riverwinds label logo was drawn by his wife, who took inspiration from Japanese art.

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