Sylvi / Johanna Häläri - Konerakastaja / Seikkailijat (17) Freak Out Disko, Finland

Dee D. Jacksonのジョルジオ・モロダーワークによる"Automatic Lover"のフィンランド版カバー作品。2017年にリリースされた模様です。
このレーベルのシリーズは、他にClio / Facesのカバー等もやっていてかなり高騰しています。

This is a great cover version of "Automatic Lover" by Sylvy, finland. the original  that Giorgio Moroder works for Dee D. Jackson. This cover has been released in 2017.
Also i know other cover by Sylvia.
The song titles is in Finnish and the same meaning for english.
It's true to the original take, but it's a Finnish lyric on an accent that i can imagine great for the floor!
Also this label's series has "Clio / Faces" covers and so on. That prices is rising higher and higher

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