Ai-Jay Gal - Another Moses (8?) Ssb, Soul To Soul , Nigeria

Veno - Nigeria Go Surviveでも演奏していたErnest Mensah等、ナイジェリアの錚々たるスタジオミュージシャンが参加したぶっ飛びアルバムです。

元々は、去年フランスに行った際に立ち寄った、世界のTOP DJ、レコード屋が信頼を寄せるバイナルディーラーのVincentが紹介した曲。彼は本来Avantとかexperimentalが好きみたいですが、ダンス系も相当詳しいので楽しかったです。

This worn-out sleeve is Included a killer Nigerian synth stepper boogie "Danny".

This album joined many Nigerian studio musicians, such as "Ernest Mensah" who also played on "Veno - Nigeria Go Survive".

I knew from Youtube by Vincent who is in demand vinyl dealer from world's TOP DJ and a record dealer. i have been to Paris that i met him last year. He more likes Avant music and experimental, but It's crazy collection,  in dance music too.
I was so fun time!

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