Nuno Rebelo - Sagração Do Mês De Maio (1ª Sinfonia Falsificada) (89) EMI , Portugal

ポルトガルの奇才、Nuno RebeloによるSynth - Experimentalな一枚。
ベースはポップスやロックだそうですが、当ブログでも過去に紹介したサックス奏者、Gianni GebiaやCanのダモ鈴木とも共演しいたことがあるらしく、明らかに変態そうな感性を持っていそうな方。

とはいえ、サンプルに入れた"Os Perigos Da Lua Na Primavera"あたりは聞きやすくノリもよくてかっこいいですね。

This is synth-Experimental 2LP album by A portuguese genius, Nuno Rebelo.
He based pops and rock, but it seems that he has performed with the saxophone player Gianni Gebia who have been introduced in the past on this blog,
and Can's Damo Suzuki! Definitely he is "strange" and interest sensitivity person...

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