Pauline Anna Strom ‎– Trans-Millenia Consort (82) Ether Ship Records, US

RNVGからコンピレーションも出された盲目の女性キーボーディスト、電子音楽家のPauline Anna Stromによる作品。
コンピに入っていないEmerald Poolを始めとしたすべての曲が、

Amazing Ambient album by Pauline Anna Strom who is a blind composer and keyboardist from San Francisco (USA).  Her songs compiled from RNVG recently.

She is now working as a spiritual counselor and a healer in San Francisco of her hometown.

All the songs seems to enhance natural healing power from the bottom of the body, including Emerald Pool which is not included in the compilation,
I feel that Ambient brings quiet and comfort.

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