Pedro Aznar - S.T. (82) SG Discos, Argentina


実はカバー曲が多いのですが、そのアレンジが実に素晴らしくドラム以外はすべて彼が演奏しているそう。やはり最大の目玉はIvan linsのカバー"Setembro"でしょうか。

中盤からの展開が素晴らしい上質なフュージョン、Boston。もはやModern classicalとも言えそうな、"Pavana Para Una Infanta Difunta"、"Espejismo En La Nieve"、その名の通り、Pat methenyを彷彿とさせる"Path Meth"など通して素晴らしい曲が目白押しです。

This album has included beautifully songs by Pedro aznar who became the representative Argentine multi musician.
He was member in top Argentine rock band "Seru Giran", also joined in Pat metheny as vocalist, and more.

Although there are many cover songs, the arrange is really great, he played everything part except drums.
top my fav. song is "Setembro" that is cover of Ivan lins. Such a beautiful song that the melody of his piano and his voice are melancholy and complicated emotions mixed.

It's great flow fusion from the middle, "Boston".
also "Pavana Para Una Infanta Difunta", "Espejismo En La Nieve", which as it just like Modern classical.
"Path Meth" reminiscent of Pat metheny as its name suggests.

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