The Venetians - Sound On Sound (83) Parole Records, Australia

オーストラリアのSynth-pop - Synth waveバンドThe Venetiansによる83にリリースしたおそらくデビューシングル。
この年代としては、"CTI - Elemental 7 - Dancing Ghosts" のように当時かなり最先端な音使いだったのではないでしょうか?

Wow! Awesome in demand synth-pop - wave by The Venetians from Australia. This is probably debut single released on 83's.

In a loop of synth arpeggio that begins with intense intros, distorted overdub vocals etc. are so crazy! It is superb!
As for an era, It's like the "CTI - Elemental 7 - Dancing Ghosts". It was distortion cutting edge sound.

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