Lady Isa - Kuteleza Si Kwanguka (8?) Sun Records, Congo

コンゴ民主共和国からLady Isaこと、Isabelle Kozongaによる一枚。

もっさりながらも後半の伸びがかなりかっこいいシンセアフロディスコ、Tabu Ya Africaが素晴らしい。Huneeがプレイしさらに高騰している模様…

Killer Synth Afro disco by Congolese singer Isabelle Kozonga a.k.a. Lady Isa from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
This album was pressed from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Belgium, France...

Tabu Ya Africa is wonderful though.
It's unrefined intro but an uplifting feeling of the second half is pretty pretty cool..
Also Hunee plays and It has skyrocketed of this price... haha...

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