Gifrants - Rara-Mwe (91) Kadans

本作は本人に何があったのかと思うくらいのキラープロトハウスのような作品に仕上がっている軌跡の名曲、Rara-mweSanmdi Swaが本当に素晴らしいです。

An One of the Top proto house masterpiece album by  Gifrants who is also Haitian's most famous musician.
This is added electronic drums machine with synthesizers to peasantry - ethnic music.

For over 30years, They are playing music even now. also their roots that continue to play are sounds like a fusion of Caribbean and jazz.
This work is truly wonderful, "Rara-mwe" and "Sanmdi Swa" are like the killer proto house, I think what happened to them in 1991!!

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Maira Gall