Yoanson and Karamie - Kalimba (??) Ness Music

こちらも詳細不明なフランス産afro proto houseな通して素晴らしい作品。
アフロエレクトロなSecret Lover、アフリカンリズムに象の鳴き声をフィーチャーした哀愁あるAfrican Leaders、Zoukリズムにダブを施したギターが気持ちいい、Kalimba Music。あんまりカリンバの音はわかりません笑

This is a great french afro proto house & electro album through.
It is said to be a unit born from a connection between the United States and France (from another website)

African electro tune "Secret Lover",
"African Leaders" is a melancholy featuring the elephant 's barking African rhythm,
a guitar featuring a dub on the Zouk rhythm feels good "Kalimba Music" But I can't heard the sound of "Karimba" haha..

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