Continental Research Orchestra - Naboko Samba (86) Disques Dreyfus

Coulibaly Sambaなるアフリカ出身の人物がフランスのコンポーザーと手を組んだユニット。恐らくこの作品のみで詳細はよくわかりません。
Jean Michel Jarre等が在籍したフランスのレーベル、Disques Dreyfusからリリースしています。

Unknown african boogie from france!
Coulibaly Samba who maybe his roots from Africa made a unit with french composer. Other unknown details.

This 12' was released from Disques Dreyfus, a French label that Jean Michel Jarre etc has enrolled.The sound of drums and synths is wonderful, the press is only 12 inches and the sound quality is quite good.

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