Tony Palkovic - Born With a Desire (85) Deep Water Records

This is amazing synth fusion.
7,8年程前?に知ってからずっと探していたアルバム。アメリカのギタリストTony Palkovicによる85年作。
True To Yourselfが兎に角好きでよくDJでもかけてます。で、もちろん再発に入っている曲は勿論最高なのですが、Better Than Beforeなどを含むLPも通して素晴らしいです。

I've knew about 8 years ago I've been looking for this albums.
This is 85' work by American guitarist Tony Palkovic.
I think that some people may know because 12 inches has reissued from PPU long ago.

Especially, I love "True To Yourself" and often DJing this song.
Of course, this songs and other include song of reissue are the best,
also LP is awesome that including "Better Than Before".

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