Fernando Toussaint - Fernando Toussaint (83) Discos Alebrije

メキシコのJazz作品として重要なスーパーグループ、Sacbéのメンバーとして活動をしていたドラマーFernando Toussaintによるソロ作品。

個人的にMariaBerano En Nueva Yorkが最高にお気に入り。

A solo Album by drummer Fernando Toussaint who was active as a member of Sacbé, an important super group as a Jazz scene in Mexico.

Although it is a drummer's work, also beauty of the keyboard is fairly clear in the full, vocal songs are also awesome, it's impressive.

I will be more interested in the Mexican jazz scene through i listening this album.
Especially, "Maria", "Berano En Nueva York" are my favorite.

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