Reja Bumu - Music From The Funk Sanctuary (82) E.O.N. , UK?



ここ数年の価格が高すぎますが… イナたいジャケット、イナたい宅録のような楽曲の世界観含めてすべてが大好き。"Together We Write A Book" , "Out Of The Blue" , "Japanese Wildlife" (!!) 等、通して素晴らしい。

This is the only work by a synthpop unit, probably self-produced.

I don't know where the vinyl is pressed, but all the sellers I've seen so far are UK, and I bought it from a UK collector myself. Maybe UK...

The price is too high for the last few years… But I love everything about it, including the cheep design jacket and the world view of the music, which is like an Lo-Fi home recording." Together We Write A Book" , "Out Of The Blue" , "Japanese Wildlife" etc...

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