Tell Tale (Fusion Band) - Tuna Fish / Another In The Closet (86) Snitch Records, Inc. ,US

"Tuna Fish"はギラギラしたシンセに、裏カウントでとられる独特なリズムのエレクトロジャズ。
"Another In The Closet"は、フルートを渋いフィーチャーしたSlo-moなジャズファンク。Early70'sと言われても違和感がない曲。どっちも最高でお気に入り。

This is probably the only release from what appears to be a local US jazz band.
"Tuna Fish" is an electro-jazz tune with a unique back-counted rhythm and glistening synths. 
"Another In The Closet" is a slo-mo jazz funk tune featuring a cool flute. Both are great and my favorites.


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