Avalanche Featuring Rosita Austin - Your Love Is Such A Good Thing (??) Treco , UK

Avalancheなる名義のおそらく唯一の作品。他にもレゲエ作品を出しているRosita Austinをボーカルにフィーチャーしています。
ヴォーカルの声質以外はほとんどレゲエの面影がないくらいのモダンソウルフルなLovers Rock。

This is probably the only work under the name Avalanche. It features Rosita Austin on vocals, who has also released other reggae 12".

This is a modern soulful Lovers Rock which is the fast rhythm about 125 BPM. 

The rollicking drums and the steel pan featured in the backing sound are perfect for the coming season.

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Maira Gall