Pedrinho Sampaio - Um Grito De Guerra (79) Remada , Brazil

ブラジル、アマゾナス州出身のキーボードプレイヤー、Pedrinho Sampaioによる、作品タイトル同名の演劇ショーのために制作された音楽作品集だそうです。

内容としては、ペドリーニョは、プロデュース、あらゆるキーボード、シンセを使用していて、奇跡のDIYシンセブギー「No Ar...Um Grito de Guerra!」シンセジャズ・ファンク「Manaus」彼のヘタウマなボーカルが味があるMPB「Noções de Piano-Harp」等全曲通して素晴らしい作品に仕上がっています。

It's a collection of musical album by Pedrinho Sampaio who is a keyboard player from the state of Amazonas, Brazil, created for the theater show of the same name.
The show was focused around a few points, but the primary focus was the rescue of the Amazonian identity and the protection and defense of the environment against Transamazonica.  

Also, although it is marked as being produced in 1979. 
a collector has informed on discogs that it may actually be 1982.

In terms of content, Pedrinho uses production, all kinds of keyboards and synths, including the miraculous DIY synth boogie "No Ar...Um Grito de Guerra!" 
The whole album is a masterpiece.
to the synth-jazz-funk "Manaus", to the tasty MPB "Noções de Piano-Harp", which showcases Pedrinho's vocal work.

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