【Mix】chOOn!! with Guest Mix #7 // DJ Sanshiro 和モノミックス

Made a Japanese 80-90's mix for the 1st time in 6 years!
Really thanks for Choon Label from Glasgow!!
They released the vinyl by 松村利起 (Toshioki Matsumura) of awesome project from Light in Attic records!
My new mix theme is going through from ambient to techno from 1 hour~.

先日、松村利起 (Toshioki Matsumura) さんの90年前後ストック音源をリリースされたレーベル MrChoon On Subcity よりお声がけいただきました。
Avant〜Ambient〜Technoな80~90'sかんじです。日本時間の6/12 22-24時に放送されました。アーカイブとしてSoundcloudにもアップされました。ぜひ!

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On this week’s show, we are celebrating the release of our second reissue (just landed on June 1st) - Toshioki Matsumura’s ‘A Visual Brain: 1986-1993’. To mark the occasion, we welcome our seventh guest mix selection - this time from Sanshiro Matsushita aka DJ Sanshiro (@sanshiro__desu)- Tokyo based DJ, rare vinyl collector and proprietor of the legendary Deep Dance Music Page - a constant source of inspiration and discovery.

Much like the rare musical antiquities he displays on his blog, Sanshiro’s mixes slide from the effervescent towards the unhinged. His guest mix creates a collage of evocative fragments drawn from deranged pop and Japanese experimental sound design, luring you into hallucinatory emotions through symphonic synthesis and cinematic echoes. Mind expansion by means of hypnotic repetitions, polished minimalism and avant pop. Join us on June 12th, 2-4pm (GMT), 10pm-12am (JST) or stream after on @subcityradio

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