Don Laka - Smile (87) Gallo , South Africa

南アフリカが誇る鬼才Jazzピアニスト、Don Lakaによる87年の作品。
こちらはLet's Move The NightHuneeもコンピに入れたStages Of Loveを始め、素晴らしいディスコを量産していた時期の後期に作ったもの。
これがまた、マイケル・ジャクソンとPrinceを足して2で割ったような作風で非常にかっこいい。とりわけ、A面の3曲、"Catch The Groove" , "Dreamer" , "I Want U"はどれもメランコリックなピアノのメロディーが素晴らしい使いやすいディスコになっています。

Top beautiful synth and piano disco album by Don Laka who is a south African proud genius Jazz pianist and producer.
In the early 80's what he joined the early Afro fusion band "Sakhile".
Also he has been producing a lot of  kwaito and house music since the 1990s.
This was recorded late 80s. that era mass-produces a great disco! e.g.  "Stages Of Love", also included "Let's Move The Night" to choiced by Hunee.

I guess his song a time like this he affected from the style Michael Jackson and Prince.
Especially, the 3 songs on the A-side, "Catch The Groove", "Dreamer", and "I Want U", all have melancholic piano melodies that are great disco to use by DJ.

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