【Mix】My new dance mix for Into The Deep, Paris France

つい先日、Francois N'Gwaのコンピレーションを発表し、先々週はHuneeを招致していたフランス、パリのレーベル、Into The DeepのStereoシリーズで僕の新しいDance Mixをアップいただきましたー!お時間あればぜひ聴いてくださいmm

For this third stereo podcast, we are very pleased to welcome Sanshiro aka @toughguy_346, DJ & vinyl curator from Japan. Holding the Deep Dance Music Blog and a residency at Knock club in Koenij, Tokyo, Sanshiro is the true expression of a crate digger looking for emotional music between every musical genre possible: african, synth pop, balearic, disco... But the best way to describe his style might be to let the music do the talking during the next hour!

Words from Into The Deep:
"The idea is to broadcast a very large spectrum of the music that moves us, no genres or styles barriers. Essentially music carefully selected and played by people we show the highest respect for their contribution to the scene. Either by delivering greatness behind the decks of all clubs and festivals worldwide, or by their ability to excavate undiscovered yet fascinating sounds and textures to please our ears, our minds or our hips."

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