Scribble - same (83) Regular Records , Australia

オーストラリア産Synth waveの素晴らしい作品。後に夫婦にもなるJohanna Pigott, Todd Hunterを中心に結成されたユニット。

現地では、Johanna Pigottは後にヒットを飛ばすアーティストしても知られています。

"So Far"という彼らのコンピレーションが非常に人気で高値で取引されていますが、その中にもこの曲"River"は収録されています。

A great Album of Australian Synth wave.
A unit formed Johanna Pigott and Todd Hunter who are couple.

Johanna Pigott is also known as an artist who later hit maker in Australia.
"River" recorded in this album is my fav. track and played at parties recently.

The harmonious synths, bewitching vocals, horns with dubby sounds are great.
Their compilation “So Far” is very popular and traded at a high price, but this song “River” is also included.

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