George Happi - Man Don't Run! (88) Music Family D.G.H. , Germany

おそらくコートジボワール出身のドラマー、George Happiこと、Georges Deulemkamによる88年の作品。
人気の作品、Momo Joseph ‎– War For Groundでもドラムを叩いています。
中でもドラマーらしいはずんだリズムに高揚感のあるシンセ、シャウト気味の女性ボーカルがマッチするトラック、I'm Stayin' In Betweenが素晴らしい

This great synth disco work by Georges Deulemkam a.k.a. George Happi a drummer from probably born in Ivory Coast who released in 88".

One of his popular work is  "Momo Joseph – War For Ground", also plays the part of drum.

"I'm Stayin 'In Between" is a great disco that matches the bouncy drum  rhythm and uplifting synth with shout female vocals :)

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