Dennis Mpale - Paying My Bills (94) Kariba Records , South Africa

Chris McGregorDudu Pukwanaらとともに、南アフリカのジャズシーンを率いたBlue notesに在籍したとされるトランペッター、Dennis Mpaleによる全曲最高の奇跡のジャズハウス作品。
一曲目に貼った"Take My Time"を筆頭にワンフレーズ風のトランペットのリフが妙にいなたくおしゃれで上がるJazzy 90's houseが素晴らしいです。

This is miracle jazzy house from South Africa!!! wow!

He is member of Blue notes with Chris McGregor, Dudu Pukwana and others, trumpeter, Dennis Mpale, who ishave been enrolled in the blue notes that led the South African jazz scene!!
This is the best miracle jazz house piece ever been!!

Maybe all 12 inches are this promo white label. i never seen picture sleeve the same of CD design.

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