Masos - Musica Para Despues De La Batalla (89) Nuclear , Mexico

メキシコ産New waveの現在一部のDJに人気急上昇な一枚。
本国らしい、怖いジャケやレーベルから想像がつく感じの南米のAvantなアルバムではありますが、Inicioがかなりかっこいい南米 ☓ German rock的なExperimental - Ambientな作品。

One of the most popular new wave from Digger & DJs by Mexican new wave band, Masos recently.
Although it is a South American Avant rock album that can be imagined from scary jackets and labels like the their country's metal & new wave...,
Inicio is a pretty cool South American ☓ German rock-like Experimental track. Stunning!!
Huge Thanks Takumi!

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