Rita Guerra - Pormenores Sem A Mínima Importância (90) Mercury, Portugal

67年生まれ、まだまだ現役の現在も活動しているポルトガルを代表するシンガー、Rita Guerraによる作品。

内容的にはポップスな感じですが、1曲まさにプロトハウスのようなダンサー「Tintin Casou」を収録。

This masterpeace proto house by Rita Guerra who became the representative portuguese singer born in 67', She is active now.

She released LP stuff only this work, also after it seems to be only CD items.

she is singing movie soundtrack and ethnic sounds pops.
I wanna listen these too.
I think that this work is revive interest in 90's sounds again.
This LP is a pops feeling but "Tintin Casou" just like a proto house dancer!!!

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