Puzzle Pulsion - Pygmalistique (86) Private, France

世界のTraditional musicという括りで外せない超名盤がこちら。
Abyssiaのドラマー、Ti Jean Arconや、マルティニークのおなじみMichel Aliboがベースで参加した豪華なユニット。

コンピレーションに収録されたMwoin Ka Songeはもちろん、近いスタイルの楽曲が目白押しの素晴らしい一枚。

This is a traditional music masterpiece that you must be have this one.
Polyrhythmic percussion instrument ensemble, melancholy vocal & rap, so, you're definitely into this world.

Abyssia's drummer, Ti Jean Arcon and Martinique familiar Michel Alibo joined the base in a luxurious unit.
The genre called Zouk is more major and pop impression, but this hottest one is mysterious that tastes deeper and deeper as you listen to it.

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