Lion Merry - Merrinology + Another Synthesizer Music (88) Box Records, Japan


"冬はココに来る人は, 少ししかいない"や、"Pygmalion"、"海に届く手紙"等など情緒的に浸れる、これからの寒い季節にピッタリ合いそうな美しく切ない楽曲が目白押しです。

It is in demand Japanese experimental  masterpiece by Lion Mary who has worked members of Agata morio!!! also various Japanese artists too, and he is active now!
It's interesting concept 2 singles. e.g. 8 inches and 7 inches.

It's included so great songs each other.
in 8inch side, yujo no uta (means friendship song) using Kalimba and violi.
also on 7inch side are all songs wonderful.
included koko ni kuruhito ha sukoshi sika inai (means Few People Come Here In Winter), "Pygmalion","umi ni todoku tegami (means the letter delivered to the sea)",
There is a beautiful and melancholy song that i think to fit perfectly for the winter season that will be immersed emotionally..

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